Portable air conditioners - How they Work

Delonghi Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners or Mobile air conditioners are the easiest route to true air conditioning in the small office or home. They can be installed easily, connecting into a 13 amp socket and are ready to use immediately. Portable air conditioners work by taking heat from a room and expelling it to the outside. Air inside the room is chilled and recirculated.

Sound levels & important information

Two types of portable air conditioning systems are available, single units and split systems.

Single Portable Air Conditioners
These are instantly recognised by their exhaust hose which is used to expel the hot and damp air to the outside. Single units can cope with a wide range of room requirements

Split Portable Air Conditioners
For larger rooms or rooms that have bigger heat loads split systems are normally required. They are easily recognised by the separate condenser box that needs to be placed outside the room.

 Portable Air Conditioners for home use

Exhausting the Heat

Single Portable Air Conditioners
This is achieved by means of a flexible vent hose that can be from 1m to 2m in length. This hose must be vented through an outside wall or window using the socket provided. As a temporary instant solution, a flattened adaptor is included so that the hose can be fitted through a partially opened window or door.

Split Portable Air Conditioners
The separate external condenser box is connected to the main inside unit by means of refrigerant lines that are usually 3m in length. These lines can be passed through a hole in the wall, about the size of half a brick before reconnecting. The external box can be placed either on the ground outside or hooked by straps over the edge of a window frame.

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